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Can I Get My Annuity Payments Early

Can I Get My Annuity Payments Early

At We Pay More Funding, we regularly get calls from individuals wanting to know, "Can I get my annuity payments early?" The answer is 'yes.' Well, sort of 'yes.'

While there is no way to get all of your cash from an annuity at once, you do have the option to sell your annuity, either in part or in whole, for a lump sum of cash. Choosing to sell your annuity for cash up front is pretty much the same as getting your annuity payments early, only you'll be getting them from a third-party, not the issuer themselves. The good news, aside from the fact that you can get your money all at once, is that you can get your money relatively quickly as well.

Get Cash for Your Annuity Payments Right Away

Most of our clients receive their lump sum payouts within as little as three weeks from the time they apply with our company. While there are several steps to completing an annuity transfer on the back end, We Pay More Funding works hard to ensure that all is easy for our clients on the front end. All our clients have to do is to fill out an application and sign some papers. We do the rest for them! It all starts with a phone call, so get the process started right away if you're ready to receive cash for your annuity payments now!

Annuities are great for long-term financial security, and they generally work well for both the people receiving them as well the issuers. Annuities are designed with the best interests of their recipients in mind. At the time the annuity is issued, it might be the ideal financial situation for the person, but the only thing guaranteed in life is constant change. Life circumstances, needs, and goals can change instantly and make a previously beneficial annuity feel like a curse. That's why companies like We Pay More Funding exists.

Should You Sell Your Annuity Payments Early?

When asking the question, "Can I get my annuity payments early," it is important to think about the short-term and long-term ramifications of selling an annuity. It is not a matter to be addressed whimsically. You should consult with your financial advisor before selling your annuity to better understand what you will get, the benefits, as well as the downside.

At We Pay More Funding, we have had clients whose lives have been saved by the cash we have given them for their annuities. Some clients have become terminally ill in the past and required exceedingly costly operations or treatments that their insurance policies didn't cover. There are people still living today who were given only months to live years ago because they were finally able to pay for their medical care with the cash we gave them for thier annuity payments. Other people have started new businesses, paid off debt, or sent their kids to college. What's your reason for seeking to get your annuity payments early?


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Can I Get My Annuity Payments Early
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