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Federal Defense Attorney Cost

Federal Defense Attorney Cost

The complex judicial laws and twisted policies may limit a prisoner's capacity to seek justice. In the criminal justice system, a defense attorney serves as a guide and protector who helps a defendant fight his case and present his plea most appropriately.

How Much Does A Federal Defense Attorney Cost?

Finding the right attorney that has the experience and knowledge, you need for your case not only gives you confidence but also covers your case from all angles. This is what we do at Prison Professors. With our knowledge and complete understanding of prison matters, we lend out the best piece of advice to our clients.

So, how much will a criminal defense lawyer cost when you hire our services? Have a look at the cost you will have to incur by hiring us for your defense.

1) Sentence Mitigation:

Sentence mitigation is the process between negotiations and the final sentencing. During the time the defendant is allowed to present his side of the case including facts that may allow the court to enforce a lower sentence. With our mitigation campaign strategy, we fully prepare you for what waits ahead. We take you through the different stages of the mitigation process and cover all the ifs and buts related to this matter.

Cost: Our Mitigation guidance will cost you around $297.

2) Prison Preparation:

Are you sure you are going to prison? How about preparing yourself in advance? But what will a criminal defense attorney cost you? We at Prison Professors prepare you for what you are about to encounter in prison. Our team will further help you in getting the earliest release date.

Cost: Our service for prison preparation will cost you about $297.

3) Reputation Strategy:

Starting over a new life after being released from prison is not easy. You will come across difficult situations and unpleasant circumstances. To build your career and restore your reputation, you need to fight back. We use written instruction, video tutorials, and a character reference letter campaign, we will increase your morale and will design the best reputation strategy.

Cost: This self-directed reputation strategy will cost you $97.

4) Personal Advocacy:

Our advocacy service is best for those who are facing real challenges in life. Our team will help you realize your strength, identify your weaknesses, and realize the aspects that you consider a threat. From allowing you to participate in our group meetings to offering annual membership to our private group, we help you in every possible way.

Cost: For participation in our group meetings: $45 whereas an annual subscription will cost you around $397.

5) One On One Consultation:

Besides, all our services, do you still need consultation on some legal matters. Want to know how to hire a federal criminal defense lawyer? Or you to earn a face-to-face consultation with our experts. We also offer consultation to guide you through court matters.

Cost: Personal consultation will cost you $400.

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