Child Custody Lawyer Broward County

Child Custody Lawyer Broward County

Scott J. Brook is a highly skilled custody attorney specializing in child custody law in Florida. Our child custody lawyer in Broward County is always ready to tackle potential issues that arise in different stages of a child custody case regardless of the case's complexity.

Importance of choosing the best child custody lawyer

You need to work with one of the best Florida family law attorneys to help you move on quickly after a divorce. Here's what a skilled child custody law firm will do for your child custody case:

  1. Child custody cases generally involve several legal problems that only a skilled attorney can tackle effectively. The wrong attorney may cause you to face delays and incur more costs.
  2. A leading attorney will foresee potential issues in a case and have the counter-arguments ready in advance. If you have a complicated child custody case, hiring an experienced attorney is pivotal for a favorable outcome.
  3. Without legal acumen, you may make mistakes while handling your custody case, which can result in hefty fines. In specific cases, you may have to go to the court for a resolution. A skilled custody attorney can manage the case diligently, prevent costly mistakes, and protect your child's interests.

More importantly, only the best marital attorneys can negotiate a sufficient child support amount and help you provide the best life and care for your children. Scott is a renowned lawyer specializing in family law in South Florida with several years of experience and a successful track record.

How will a judge determine custody in Florida?

The state of Florida prioritizes the child's best interests when making any child custody decisions. The court will assess the amount of involvement and desire that each parent demonstrates in a child's life before arriving at a decision. Some of the aspects that a judge may evaluate include:

  1. Each parent's ability and willingness to meet the child's needs
  2. Each parent's willingness to foster a healthy relationship between the child and its other parent
  3. Each parent's physical, mental, and emotional health and moral fitness
  4. Each parent's ability to provide the child with a consistent routine
  5. The child's adjustment to home and community and the geographic feasibility of the parenting plan, etc.

The judge will also consider the amount of travel it would take to keep up with the time-sharing schedule before ordering custody. In some cases, the judge may take the child's preference, provided they are at a sufficient age and possess a reasonable understanding.

How do I modify the custody order in Florida?

The court requires both parents to follow the terms of custody until the child reaches 18. Alternatively, you may request a custody change if you or your ex-spouse's life changes in the years following a divorce.

However, you must prove that the custody modification is in the best interest of your child. If you wish to change a custody order in Florida, speak to one of our experienced divorce lawyers.

Contact us at 954-757-5551 to discuss your case with the best Child Custody Lawyer in Broward County. Scott J. Brook is a renowned lawyer specializing in family law and possesses several years of experience handling divorce and child custody cases. We are here to reduce your divorce-related stress. Call us now!

Child Custody Lawyer Broward County
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Child Custody Lawyer Broward County
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